About Us – Good News Southern Gospel

Good News Southern Gospel was originally started as an online video blog about the music, news and everything else that goes on in the world of “Southern Gospel Music.” It was intended to bring a fresh outlook on the Southern Gospel industry, while still bringing the news and current music to the listeners and followers of Southern Gospel music.

Good News Southern Gospel was founded by Michael Garbowicz and Steven McJunkins in 2012. The online video blog only lasted for a little over a year and due to both men’s schedules, they had to stop the videos. In the spring of 2016, Daniel Rivera (former tenor for Blackwood Legacy, The Toney Brothers, Promise, 3rd Row Boys and the Woodsmen Quartet), who had been a guest many times on the original Good News Southern Gospel video series, brought the idea to Steven McJunkins to start the vlog up again!

The video blog was then reborn as a fresh and new YouTube show! However, once again schedules had got in the way of filming and the videos once again came to a halt. Daniel however, did not want to shut down Good News Southern Gospel. It had always been a burden on his heart to start an online Southern Gospel radio station. Therefore, the Good News Southern Gospel radio was born! Now Dan and Steven are both able to work together again by the way of GNSG Radio!

The videos may come every so often, as those were the start of GNSG and we do not want to let them officially die, but we are always alive and 24/7 on Good News Southern Gospel Radio!

You can download the app for GNSG Radio by going to your app store on your smartphone or tablet and typing in Good News Southern Gospel, and adding the app to your device! You can then listen to GNSG Radio 24/7!