Booking – Good News Southern Gospel

Interested in programming, interviews or more?

On Good News Southern Gospel Radio, we’re always looking for new programs to air on the radio and are also always needing artists to interview for our programming!

If you are a radio program looking to air your program on GNSG Radio, don’t be afraid to call us! We’d love to talk to you about getting your programs on the air!

If you are an artist or are wanting us to interview a certain artist, you can also call the number below and we’d love to help set that up!​ We have been privileged to conduct interviews with great artists such as Scott Fowler of Legacy Five and formerly of The Cathedrals, Ernie Haase of Ernie Haase & Signature Sound and formerly of The Cathedrals, Amber Nelon Thompson of The Nelons (As seen on Gaither Programming), Lynda Randle (As seen on Gaither Programming, Babbie Mason (As seen on Gaither Programming) and many more!

Our assistant manager, Nicolas Comstock, is also our booking agent and takes care of all of the booking for GNSG! So when you call, ask for Nick!

So don’t wait any longer. Call Good News Southern Gospel today

(219) 796-0467.